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"I liked that their salesman came with the information I needed and that he was knowledgeable. He got me my quote very quickly. "

TKI Customer

Success Story

At TKI, we love a tough challenge.  In 2013, operators of Caterpillar equipment came to us with an A/C issue with the Telehandler TH407 product.  In dusty environments, the A/C system was shutting down leading to constant repairs and downtime.  Our team, led by Troy Evans and Ben Cluff, designed a kit solution using Sy-Klone’s RESPA CF product (image below).

The new system pre-filtered the air before it entered the A/C system, thus keeping out damaging contaminants to both operator and equipment.  The solution eliminated window fogging, provided better temperature control for the operator, increased the airflow, and reduced A/C filter changes.  Needless to say, the customer was very pleased.  As word spread to other CAT dealers, we have sold over 20 kits to date.

With our team’s expertise in airflow, air pressure, and temperature management, we are able to solve A/C problems for any type of mobile cab.  We can’t wait for the next challenge.

The TH407 kit is currently available for shipping

  • Reduces dust and contaminants in the cab; increasing operator health, comfort and productivity

  • Provides clean operating environment for stock A/C and heater

  • Enhances long term effectiveness of A/C system (Eliminates window fogging, better temperature control, increased airflow, reduced filter changes)

  • Robust construction for harsh environments

  • 100% bolt on kit – no cutting or welding, won’t void manufacturer’s warranty or ROPS certification

  • Installed in SLC or Boise by TKI or can be self-installed with detailed instructions


Sy-Klone RESPA