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Name: Spectrum™ Multi-Temperature System
Manufacturer:Thermo King
New/Used: NEW

Multi-temperature units that deliver improved efficiency with a low overall cost of ownership.

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Product Features

  • Standard Feature: Smart Reefer 2™ controller
  • Standard Feature: SmartSet™
  • Standard Feature: Smooth AirTM Blower assembly
  • Standard Feature:EMI-3000
  • Standard Feature: Whisper™ Quiet technology
  • Standard Feature:Long-life coolant/silicone hoses
  • Standard Feature: SmartPower Electric Standby
  • Standard Feature: Pre-Filter fuel filtration system
  • Standard Feature: Standard unit color white
  • Standard Feature: Standard grille color black
  • Standard Feature: Directional air delivery
  • Standard Feature: Vibration isolation system
  • Standard Feature: Aluminum undermount fuel tank 50 gal. (186 liter)
  • Standard Feature: Alternator, 120 Amp, 12 Vdc (SB)
  • Standard Feature: Alternator, 60 Amp, 12 Vdc (DE)
  • Standard Feature: CargoWatch™
  • Standard Feature: Service Watch™
  • Factory Option: Remote status light
  • Factory Option: Special color grilles white or gray
  • Factory Option: Fuel heater
  • Factory Option: Frost plug heater
  • Factory Option: Fresh Air Exchange
  • Factory Option: Spectrum S-3 Remote EVAP

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Model: Spectrum™ Multi-Temperature System

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