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Name: ColdCube™
Manufacturer:Thermo King
New/Used: NEW

Thermo King Intermountain delivers creative cooling solutions with the unmatched quality and value of Thermo King technology. Have a tough mobile cooling or freezing challenge? We can solve it. ColdCube™ containers are a perfect fit when you need to keep things cold or frozen on the road, at outdoor events, or for overflow storage when product needs increase.

Product Features

  • Food-grade and UV-stabilized construction
  • Single-piece construction for durability
  • Light-weight design ideal for mobile applications
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Six available models fit your business needs
  • Standard 120 volt wall socket
  • Vehicle battery power
  • Portable battery power lasting more than 8 hours
  • Portable generator

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Model: ColdCube™

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