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Name: TK Alternators
Manufacturer:Thermo King

Thermo King offers the only alternators designed specifically for your demanding applications. The longer lasting and more durable design includes heavy-duty bearings, a powder coated frame, electrical components sealed with silicone, and stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance. Also, proper charging is ensured through a proprietary temperature-compensated voltage regulator. The enhanced bronze slip rings and brushes provide increased durability for all the standard copper components.

Part Features

  • Extended Life OE: Delivers the same performance and life as factory-new Thermo King components, and includes maximum corrosion resistance with epoxy powder coat paint and stainless steel hardware - $$$
  • Standard Life Plus: Completely new alternators deliver reliable performance you can count on, and fully backwards-compatible for all applicable Thermo King units - $$
  • Remanufactured: Not just rebuilt; totally remanufactured. All alternators are completely disassembled and cleaned, and all worn parts are replaced - $

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Part: TK Alternators

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