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Name: Lift Tech Door Systems

The LIFT TECH automated door opener is specifically designed for heavy, insulated trailer doors used in reefer trucks and trailers. Due to their weight, even a properly sprung insulated door can cause strains to operators who repeatedly have to open and close the door. Because of this, many drivers frequently leave their trailer door open during a delivery. This practice dramatically increases the load on the refrigeration unit, and can cause the unit to conserve up to four times as much fuel to operate than if the door is closed between loads. The LIFT TECH door opener can save fuel, reduce theft, and lower the risk of strains or sprains on the job.

Accessory Features

  • 12V DC Heavy duty motor, operating potential up to 55 amps
  • Opens rolling doors under 12 seconds in most applications
  • Auto Close feature: LIFT TECH allows the user to set a time for the door to automatically close after 1-20 minutes, and can be turned on or off
  • Lock Feature: This feature allows the Auto Release to be bypassed. The door will be shut and locked until you press the up button on the remote. This feature secures your trailer and product.
  • Two remotes provided with each kit.
  • App available for iPhone users: Your iPhone can be your LIFT TECH remote

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Accessory: Lift Tech Door Systems

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