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  1. Utah
  2. Idaho

"Thermo King Intermountain provides great service... I don’t lose sleep over a unit going down, because they're great at keeping our units up and running. "

TKI Customer

Name: TracKing Reefer Telematics
Manufacturer:Thermo King

TracKing, available in satellite or cellular, delivers operational efficiencies going beyond the cold chain to vehicle and driver management. This system provides fleet managers with a dashboard of cost critical information by trip, by driver and by vehicle, allowing them to quickly gauge the productivity of their fleets.

Accessory Features

  • Fuel Management: Optimize fuel consumption by trip, vehicle, and driver
  • Temperature Management: Optimum temperature management to ensure top quality product delivery
  • Vehicle TracKing: Accurate location of your fleet at all times on a map
  • Vehicle Management: Improve fleet utilization with route management

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Accessory: TracKing Reefer Telematics

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