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For over 40 years, Thermo King Intermountain (TKI) has been a trusted name in the mobile temperature-control business. Known for our exceptional service, rock-solid support and dependable products; TKI is more than just another dealership. We're a business partner you can count on.


It all started in 1944, when a young man by the name of Warren E. Pugh, made the jump from an employee of Cummins Engine Company to an independent owner of Cummins Intermountain, the first local Cummins dealer in Utah.  Thus began a fascination with the trucking industry for the Pugh family.  Over the years, Warren introduced his sons Lorin and Don into the business.  As a trio, they successfully grew the business over the years, balancing a commitment to family, customers, and the community. 


Later in his career, Warren served as a state Senator, while Don and Lorin began running the day-to-day operations of the company.  In 1974, the Pugh family expanded their product offering through opening the first Thermo King dealership in Utah.  For many years, they operated Cummins Intermountain and Thermo King Intermountain as one company. 


In 1987, Don moved his family to Seattle, Washington where he owned and operated Cummins Northwest.  Noting the successful venture with Thermo King in Utah, it didn't take long before he added Thermo King Northwest to his repertoire.


In 2006, Don retired and sold his interest in Thermo King Northwest to his son Brandon Pugh, business partner Dennis Parker, and nephew JR Zundel.  This created a third generation of Pughs who were dedicated to improving and promoting the Thermo King brand.


But they weren't finished.  In 2011, Don and his other sons Jim and Tim Pugh purchased Thermo King Intermountain from Lorin.


Today, Tim and Jim are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, and both Don and Lorin serve as board members.  During the transition of ownership, Tim and Jim maintained the same managment team as did Lorin because they are simply the best in the industry.  Over the past two years, TKI has received multiple awards from Thermo King including the 2011 Sales Manager of the Year, 2011 Parts Manager of the Year, 2012 Service Manager of the Year, and 2012 Western Dealer of the Year.


Our family and employees are dedicated to serving our customers, and we offer our commitment of hard work, passion, and determination.